Three Moons Realm: Short Stories

These stories follow major and minor characters that live and go about their lives in Ven Khilada. They take before, during, or after the major events going on in my different full length series, and can have a large impact on the world or just give some insight into a particular part of it. Each novel has its own theme, but some characters might make appearances in more than one. Especially overly intelligent and clever imps.


These five short stories follow a variety of characters that reside in the Three Moons Realm or the Abyss, a connected world created by one of the world's gods.


The first story follows a creature in the Abyss at the bottom of the food chain as he tries his best to survive. The second follows a group of Orphans living in the capitol city of Lurthalan and how one of them receives a visit from a special being. The third story looks at the frustrations of a tribal leader of a race called the Shadaer Umaer who wants to lead his tribe into battle but instead must sit watching the humans to the north. The next story follows a man that recently lost the creature he was closest to, but not is all it seems for this shy man. The final story finds a young man woken from sleep, his caravan under attack and his weapon, and clothes, no where to be found.


A glimpse into the lives of magic users in the Three Moons Realm. These five short stories follow a variety of characters that reside in the Three Moons Realm or the Abyss, a connected world created by one of the gods of the realm.

Each story is a small look at the lives, locations, cultures, and history of the Three Moons Realm. The first story follow Nolan Bintershad, master Thaljori and expert at bonding a human to an inanimate construct and giving it life. His ability has earned him wealth and connections throughout the years, but the process is starting to take its toll. Next you'll look through the eyes of a man on mission to eradicate the Nexmortis; men and women that corrupt the dead and dying. Even with the blessing of the goddess of the soul, does the Unnamed Man have a chance against such dark magic users and their abominations? Next we find Fila Morelso about to perform her dazzling illusions and tell epic stories in her role as a Sparkteller. But this particular audience is a little rougher than most and she doesn't exactly have the option of turning them down.


Our fourth story finds Declan Windsor enjoying a peaceful day out fishing. Pulling in a decent catch is easy when you can manipulate the water itself as an Elementalist. Unfortunately, off of the water, Declan has little control of his situation living on the streets of Lurthalan or the people he runs, or crashes, into. The final story finds Zin, imp of the Abyss, practically the bottom of the food chain, under the service of a master a hundred times more powerful than any of the people we've examined so far. But his inhuman master is as cruel and petty as he is strong, and Zin is constantly on the look out for a way to not only escape his enslavement, but the very Abyss itself.


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