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Imagine that every myth, ghost story, and monster were based on something that existed in the modern world. Magic was real. Strange artifacts that can perform miraculous events, including connecting our world to others and the gods that inhabit them, can be found. Or created.


And what if a few mega corporations, in cooperation with the governments of the world, kept it all from the

general public? How could such a world-wide coverup exist with monsters and worse loose in the world? By those same companies employing the best minds to study the strange and weird. By enlisting the best soldiers(and killers) in the world to track the bizarre and dangerous down and "acquire" them. Regardless of the collateral damage.


This is the world of Horror, Inc.

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Horrors, Inc: Squad K


HISK is a suspenseful and darkly humerus series that follows a ragtag group of mercenaries tasked with hunting down monsters, breaking up cults, and acquiring magical artifacts for one of the world's mega-corporations, Soladyne Corp. Unfortunately, Soladyne is more interested in keeping the existence of these creatures secret and exploiting them for their own gain.

Horrors, Inc. The Novel

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Ean Sangrave, a young Healer's apprentice in the secluded village of Rottwealth, is the village pariah. Doing his best to live up to the reputation, he often finds himself in bad situations. When the village is threatened by a seemingly unbeatable monster that makes its home in the town's mine, Ean finds himself dragged along in a quest to find a way to battle this new threat. Getting his wish to finally leave the village, even if not in the way he wants, Ean discovers a world much larger and more complicated then he ever could have imagined.


Unfortunately, he also carries a secret that the majority of the world would rather did not exist. For Ean has a connection to the Abyss, a place created by a dark god that is full of beasts and monsters. Monsters that Ean is slowly learning how to summon into his own world. But with a connection to a taboo god and a power he barely understands, can Ean fit into the world outside of his secluded village? Or will the stigma that has been placed on him since birth follow him the rest of his life. 

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