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Bound to the Abyss

Fantasy Novel Series

The Three Moons Realm is filled with interesting characters, strange deities and factions, and amazing magic and creatures. The stories found in the slide show to the left only touch the surface as we follow characters with unique stories and the people they affect. Click on each to purchase their story or use the navigation bar above to learn more!

The Comic and Novel World of Horrors, Inc.

Imagine that every myth, ghost story, and monster were based on something that existed in the modern world. Magic was real. Strange artifacts that can perform miraculous events, including connecting our world to others and the gods that inhabit them, can be found. Or created.


This is the world of Horror, Inc.

Raylee of Ark-3

The Webcomic

Raylee of Ark-3 is a Webcomic that follows the exploits of Raylee, a scavenger just trying to survive and enjoy life as best she can after all of the plant life has died off all over the world. Can a woman who has spent most of her life on a mostly self-sustaining Ark make a life in this new world? Or will she discover that everything she was taught about what happened to the world isn't as black and white as she believed?

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Book 1 of the Bound to the Abyss Series FUNDED Jan. 4th 2014

Issue #1 of Horrors, Inc: Squad K FUNDED

Nov. 3rd 2017


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